Friday, 2 December 2016

My holidays

On the holidays i went to my cousins house and we lit a fire in the paddock.

First we got all the wood ready and lighted the fire.

Then we started the fire and through the big sticks in the fire.

The fire started and blazed toward the house. It was a big fire .

Thursday, 3 November 2016


A little boy walked up to the wardrobe and got his halloween costume out. It was a bright coulor costume. It had a red squeaky nose.  He  put the big yellow shoes on and his blue curly wig and walked up to the mirror and looked at his clown costume.

He stept out the door with his bag and went to all the houses. He knocked on the door and said trick or treat he got a hand full of mints, chocolate bars, gum, and more as he was walking to the next house he saw a big black mamba. It was a huge slithery snake. Its scales were spiked and long. He missed out on all the lollies at that house. He finished trick or treating for the night and went home.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My holidays

My holidays
On a bright sunny saturday morning me and naidene woke up and went eeling.
First we got dressed into warm clothes and got the horses ready for riding. We got the bridle and just hopped on.

Second we got to the creek. The water was sparkling. We carried on and the horses into the creek. I was shivering and I went into the water.

Meanwhile we got our eeling lines ready and put some stink bait on the smeelt like rotten meat.we threw the bait and line of the hores and waited for an eel to bite.

Finally i feel something biting. I pulled the line back up and then I saw a huge black slimy eel. It was wriggling around like a worm.

I felt glad because I caught a huge eel.

Friday, 14 October 2016

my holidays

               My holidays
On the first week of the holidays we went to rainbows end. Me and my family were packing lunch before we went. We were celebrating my brothers birthday.

First we packed our bags for the long trip to Auckland.

Next we got to Auckland and had a little snack before we went to rainbows end.

Meanwhile we got to rainbows end and tried out all the rides my best ride was the stratos fear.

Personal sta tement: I felt happy because i had fun.           

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


The bee visit

Today we got visited by Dan the bee man and Kathy.
They taught us about why bees were important.
My favorite part of the bee presentation was
Tasting the honey it had a sweet taste.
Then we saw a photo of a apiary. A apiary is a group of bee hives that are bunched together.
Then we saw a photo of a queen bee when there queen bee dies (that will happen in 5 years) they pick a baby bee and feed it jelly that makes the queen bee bigger than all the other bees.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

As fast as the wind

WALT:Expand our vocabulary by finding the meaning of unknown words

Title: As fast as the wind
Author: Jan Trafford

Summary of the story:

Te aho is starting a new school and wants to play for the schools rugby team and his friends ask him but he says no but after that he starts playing and gets a try.
I think koro is the best character because he likes eating porridge.
If the author decided to make a second part of the story i think it would be about
te-ahos rugby team becoming famous and on TV.

Monday, 29 August 2016

The blue pen

The blue pen

Image result for blue pen
W.A.L.T: Make text-to-text connections.

I look in my
Desk for my
Blue pen

It’s holes
As small
As an ant

Tiny like a rat

As miniature as
Small foam ball

They are

Small holes

Small spaces

dark tunnels

The blue pen
Helps me with my learning

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The olympic's

   The olympics

YAWN! It's the big day. Im finally going to the london olympics. I am a professional sprinter I won 5 gold medals and 3 trophies
I won two titles. But I have a few concerns that we are so close to the discus throwers. I get ready quickly I can't be late for my first olympic tournament.  I'm getting ready to start.
The gun went I pushed off the springs and started running.  I  were to busy running I couldn't see the other people I thought in my head am I coming first I crossed the line… I came first place the crowd was cheering.   

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Fire brigade cup!
WALT:write a recount using adjectives and verbs.   1-7-16

Yesterday the K.W.S (kaikohe west school) seniors went to the kaikohe rugby fields.
It was a muggy day. The clouds were a thick lined out shape with a dark grey color. We had to walk all the way from our school  to the kaikohe rugby club right next to the netball courts. We played rippa rugby in the chilly weather. Our first game was to the kura kaupapa o kaikohe sadly we lost. We won four games and lost four. At the end of each game we cheered and done hand shaked.
All of our games were finished we picked up rubbish. We walked back to school the clouds were white and it was warm we took our uniforms off and got into our normal clothes then the bell rang we went home.

Personal statement:Today my legs are sore.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Autumn leaves

have you ever 
heard the sound
of Autumn leaves
falling down.

Red and gold
yellow and brown
they flutter softly 
to the ground. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

poping candy

W.A.L.T: Describe using our senses .
I see little sugary crystals.the sigh of little purple rocks .

I hear crackling and popping.The sound is like firecrackers going off.

I smell Delicious grape.It’s Like nice Berry Milkshake.

When I touched the candy .it felt like a stony rough road

I taste nice grape.It taste like Berry smoothie.


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Escape from the supermarket.

Title: Escape from the supermarket.


Quick!!! Get up that tall tree.”A hunter is coming our way and it looks like he has his name all over us”.Krrrr!!! “I need back up we need to get these sheep out of the tree and into the supermarket”. “Well bring back up”.Rrrk a car just pulled up on the side of the road.”Do you think that's a back up”.”Let's get those sheep out of that tree so we could have some lamb chops or a lamb roast tonight”.”Ok we have the sheep we have take them down”.”Where are we” the sheep said.”Oh no I think we are at the market”.”We need to run away as soon as that door opens or where gone”.Rrr ”the door is opened”.”Let's get back to safety.They went across the road , past the bush and back to the tall tree and back to safety.We are glad to be back.

Friday, 1 April 2016

On a sunny Friday afternoon we went for a Easter egg hunt. We walked outside and there was an huge yellow Easter egg waiting to get eaten. I sprinted down to the chocolate egg.I ripped the foil straight off.My mouth was beginning to water. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took a HUGE bite...M.M.M.

By Madison

Friday 1st April 2016

Thursday, 17 March 2016

My mihi


Last week we have been learning about our pepeha and whakapapa.
It was about what was our... Monga,Awa,Waka,Hupu,Iwi,Marae and mum dad and your self.

Monday, 29 February 2016

The Lorax

W.A.L.T: Think deeply about a text.

For reading in term one we have been learning about the Lorax and how the a colorful place turns to a dark ugly place with no trees because they all turned into Thneeds.   

My favorite part of the story is: At the start I liked it because it was clean.

Because: It looked tidy with lots of trees and it's colourful.