Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Fire brigade cup!
WALT:write a recount using adjectives and verbs.   1-7-16

Yesterday the K.W.S (kaikohe west school) seniors went to the kaikohe rugby fields.
It was a muggy day. The clouds were a thick lined out shape with a dark grey color. We had to walk all the way from our school  to the kaikohe rugby club right next to the netball courts. We played rippa rugby in the chilly weather. Our first game was to the kura kaupapa o kaikohe sadly we lost. We won four games and lost four. At the end of each game we cheered and done hand shaked.
All of our games were finished we picked up rubbish. We walked back to school the clouds were white and it was warm we took our uniforms off and got into our normal clothes then the bell rang we went home.

Personal statement:Today my legs are sore.

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