Thursday, 20 October 2016

My holidays

My holidays
On a bright sunny saturday morning me and naidene woke up and went eeling.
First we got dressed into warm clothes and got the horses ready for riding. We got the bridle and just hopped on.

Second we got to the creek. The water was sparkling. We carried on and the horses into the creek. I was shivering and I went into the water.

Meanwhile we got our eeling lines ready and put some stink bait on the smeelt like rotten meat.we threw the bait and line of the hores and waited for an eel to bite.

Finally i feel something biting. I pulled the line back up and then I saw a huge black slimy eel. It was wriggling around like a worm.

I felt glad because I caught a huge eel.

Friday, 14 October 2016

my holidays

               My holidays
On the first week of the holidays we went to rainbows end. Me and my family were packing lunch before we went. We were celebrating my brothers birthday.

First we packed our bags for the long trip to Auckland.

Next we got to Auckland and had a little snack before we went to rainbows end.

Meanwhile we got to rainbows end and tried out all the rides my best ride was the stratos fear.

Personal sta tement: I felt happy because i had fun.