Monday, 29 August 2016

The blue pen

The blue pen

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W.A.L.T: Make text-to-text connections.

I look in my
Desk for my
Blue pen

It’s holes
As small
As an ant

Tiny like a rat

As miniature as
Small foam ball

They are

Small holes

Small spaces

dark tunnels

The blue pen
Helps me with my learning

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The olympic's

   The olympics

YAWN! It's the big day. Im finally going to the london olympics. I am a professional sprinter I won 5 gold medals and 3 trophies
I won two titles. But I have a few concerns that we are so close to the discus throwers. I get ready quickly I can't be late for my first olympic tournament.  I'm getting ready to start.
The gun went I pushed off the springs and started running.  I  were to busy running I couldn't see the other people I thought in my head am I coming first I crossed the line… I came first place the crowd was cheering.