Tuesday, 20 September 2016


The bee visit

Today we got visited by Dan the bee man and Kathy.
They taught us about why bees were important.
My favorite part of the bee presentation was
Tasting the honey it had a sweet taste.
Then we saw a photo of a apiary. A apiary is a group of bee hives that are bunched together.
Then we saw a photo of a queen bee when there queen bee dies (that will happen in 5 years) they pick a baby bee and feed it jelly that makes the queen bee bigger than all the other bees.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

As fast as the wind

WALT:Expand our vocabulary by finding the meaning of unknown words

Title: As fast as the wind
Author: Jan Trafford

Summary of the story:

Te aho is starting a new school and wants to play for the schools rugby team and his friends ask him but he says no but after that he starts playing and gets a try.
I think koro is the best character because he likes eating porridge.
If the author decided to make a second part of the story i think it would be about
te-ahos rugby team becoming famous and on TV.